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Centralized location for those who wish to help save the Nolichucky River against corporations who wish to exploit it.


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To perform educational research and programs concerning the Nolichucky River, including the health of the fish and aquatic life living in the River, the public health and use and enjoyment of property by residents and property owners along the river, the public health and use and enjoyment of the River by recreational users, and the economic impacts of the pollution of the River on residents, property owners, and uses of the River.

Board of Directors


SAVE THE NOLICHUCKY, INC., is composed of a seven (7) member Board of Directors. The Board is presently made up of the following officers and directors.


  • Donahue Bible, President
  • Ben K. Dyer, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Eddie B. Overholt, Director
  • April Bryant, Director
  • Ann Calfee, Director
  • Chester Purgason, Director
  • Ron Renner, Director


Three of our officers or directors live at Mohawk, in Greene County, Tennessee, and four were  born there. Three of them either live near, or on, the Nolichucky River, and own land near, or on, the river. Our fourth director presently lives in Woodstock, Georgia, but owns farmland on the Nolichucky River, where he was born.


The other three directors live directly across the Nolichucky River at Bybee in Cocke County, Tennessee, and live on or near the Nolichucky River, and own land on or near the river. They too are natives of the area where they live.


All are dedicated to saving the Nolichucky River from exploitation by greedy politicians and industrial interests purely for profit, with no concern for the beauty, history and integrity of this wonderful gift from God!

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