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Autographed Photo of Eddie Bruce Overholt


Your very own autographed 8x10 of a legend in this battle to Save the Nolichucky!

$5.00 (+ $1.50 postage)

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Save the Nolichucky Calendar


Enjoy the beauty of the Nolichucky all year long and help to preserve it. Makes a great Christmas gift! Your purchase of the Save the Nolichucky calendar benefits our fight to keep it from becoming a dumping ground for industrial wastewater!

$12.00 (+ $3.00 postage)

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As you can imagine, fighting a multi-million dollar business is a costly endeavor. Save the Nolichucky supporters have already donated thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours. We understand times are tough, but if all our supporters gave $5 it sure would help in the fight to keep the river clean and safe for all of East TN and those downstream.

Save the Nolichucky funds are overseen by a seven-member board who approves all expenditures. The bulk of all our expenses are legal fees, and those decisions all go to a vote of the board.





You can mail a check to:

                        Save the Nolichucky

                        P.O. Box 83

                        Bulls Gap, TN 37711

We also have a Paypal account set up for donations. We appreciate anything you can spare and Paypal is a quick and convenient way to send a few dollars.Just click the donate button and it will take you to Paypal.

Education & Information



One of the easiest things you can do to support us is to like and share our Facebook page. Visit often and share our links with your friends and spread the word.

Share Information


We have download-able documents and literature that you can print and share or download and email or share digitally. Getting proper information and educational material is essential to help communities understand the issues we are fighting.

Sign the Petition


Although this petition was delivered to TDEC before they issued the permits, it is still a very useful way to get the latest email updates about what is happening currently. The signing is only symbolic at this point, but will allow us to send you updates periodically. Click here to sign.


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